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PublishDate: Saturday, August 18, 2018 18:10

Ulema Council, HPC Call For Extended Govt-Taliban Ceasefire

The last time government and Taliban observed a ceasefire for three days was in June – over Eid-al-Fitr. The move was widely welcomed by the nation and the international community. 
However, over the past two weeks there has been a spike in violence in the country, which has resulted in the death of hundreds of people, including civilians. 
On Wednesday, an estimated 50 students were killed when a suicide bomber targeted their classroom at an academy in the west of Kabul.
On Saturday, the CJNP said at a gathering at the Presidential Palace that was also attended by members of the Ulema Council and the High Peace Council, that talks had been conducted between the US and Taliban. 
“Taliban and Americans have held talks. As far as we know, they have made some agreements,” said Abdul Hakim Munib, the deputy head of the CJNP.
The High Peace Council and the Ulema Council meanwhile called on President Ashraf Ghani and the Taliban to forge a long-term ceasefire.
“(We demand) a long-term ceasefire which prepares the way for the peace talks – not a short-term ceasefire,” said Qiyamuddin Kashaf, head of Afghanistan’s Ulema Council.
The Taliban meanwhile issued an Eid message on Saturday but said nothing about a ceasefire. 
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