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PublishDate: Thursday, August 16, 2018 14:50

DAESH claims responsibility for the deadly attack in Kabul city

The group’s Amaq news agency claimed the responsibility by issuing short statement on Thursday.
Without disclosing further proofs, the group claimed that a suicide bomber belonging to the group carried out an attack in Shi’ite area o Kabul city.
The incident took place on Wednesday evening in the West of Kabul city in Dasht Barchi area after a suicide bomber targeted an education center.
The Ministry of Public Health officials said late on Thursday night that eath toll from deadly suicide attack has climbed to at least 48 people.
The officials further added at least 67 people who have sustained injuries in the attack, have also been shifted to the hospitals for the treatment.
However, latest reports indicate at least 34 people were killed in the attack and 56 others have sustained injuries.
This comes as the anti-government armed militants have been attempting to expand their attacks in the key provinces and cities of the country during the recent months.


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