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PublishDate: Saturday, August 4, 201812:55

Turkish language center opens in Afghanistan

AVA- The opening ceremony was attended by Yasar Aydemir, deputy chancellor of Turkey’s Gazi University; Nezir Temur, director TOMER; Abdullah Destebas, founding member of Gazi University Foundation Private Schools; Mustafa Capraz, Turkey's deputy consul general; Bashir Tawhede, deputy governor of Afghanistan’s Balkh province; and other top Afghan officials and Turkish diplomats.
Enis Aksut, director of Afghanistan’s Mukthar College -- the partner organization for TOMER -- hailed the reputation of Gazi University as one of the leading universities. He highlighted the growing interest among Afghans in learning Turkish language.
Tawhede praised Ankara’s support in the sectors of health, agriculture and education. He also expressed optimism for peace in the country with the support of Turkey.
Capraz said Turkey and Afghanistan are brotherly and friendly countries, stressing that Ankara will continue to be with Afghanistan and the Afghan people. ''Thousands of Afghan students continue with ease their education, and more scholarships would be granted to Afghanistan,” he said.
Aydemir said both countries share many common values that shall be protected and forwarded to new generations. "We are ready for all kinds of support for education…we will share the experience of Gazi University with Afghanistan, we will develop our business alliance not only in the language department but also in health, agriculture and other fields. It is everyone's duty to help Afghanistan overcome the current crisis, and we are prepared to do whatever we can … we have the same culture, the same civilization, the same language and religion."
TOMER was established in 1984 for the purposes of teaching Turkish language to foreigners.

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