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PublishDate: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 08:16

Macron says there is no reason for the relationship between France and Islam to be difficult

AVA- President Macron said in a speech today to parliamentarians gathered in Versailles, west of Paris, that as of next autumn, a framework and rules for the conduct of Muslim affairs in France will be put in place.
He pointed out that starting from autumn this situation will be clarified by giving Islam a framework and rules that will ensure that it is practiced throughout the country in accordance with the laws of the Republic, and that they will do so with the French Muslims and with their representatives.
Macron announced last February that he intended to "lay the foundation for" the second religion in France, where the number of Muslims is estimated to six million and the number of places of worship is about 2500.
By the end of June, the French government announced the launch of meetings aimed at setting a framework for Islamic activities and its financing in the country.


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