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PublishDate: Wednesday, July 11, 201815:34

Authorities vow probe into alleged misconduct during Qaisari’s arrest

The Afghan National Defense and Security Institutions issued a joint statement on Wednesday in reaction to the allegations of misconduct by the Afghan forces amid recent political and security upheavals in the North.
The joint statement further added that a delegation has been tasked to investigate the allegations against the Afghan forces as photographs of the alleged misconduct are being circulated online.
The security and defense authorities said that necessary actions will be taken if the alleged allegations of misconduct were proven.
They also added that the national defense and security forces belong to the whole nation of Afghanistan and hence do not have the right to behave with distinction against the specific ethnic groups.
The statement also added that Afghanistan is committed to respect the international human rights conventions and standards and will stand against any misconduct and take necessary actions as per the laws of the country.
This comes as sources close to Junbish Milli Party claim that the security forces have misbehaved with the security guards of Commander Nizamuddin Qaisari as he was being arrested in Faryab province.
The Afghan Military in the North had earlier said that commander Qaisari was arrested after staring a verbal and physical fight with the security forces during a high level meeting.

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