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PublishDate: Friday, June 22, 201812:12

CE Abdullah Stresses on Women’s Participation in Elections

Speaking during a conference on Women’s Participation in the Parliamentary and District Council Elections in Kabul, Abdullah said that the IEC should learn lessons from “bitter” experience of the past and that leave a legacy that could strengthen democracy in the country.
He stressed that the people have learnt from the elections in the past and “therefore, the IEC has a difficult and serious responsibility”.
The official, meanwhile, said that the ongoing war in the country is a battle between two groups  which according to him, one has the believe in election and other one is oppose to such process.  
The IEC Chief Abdul Badi Sayad, however, emphasized on holding a transparent election as a step toward gaining public trust on the process.
He said the commission considers justice and equality in their agenda and that it has not discriminated between male and female in the election process.  
At the event, the Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak assured of maintaining the security and providing better facilities for the people in the election process.

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