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PublishDate: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 12:12

During Three-day Ceasefire 2,500 Taliban Members Entered Kabul: MoD

The Taliban fighters headed into cities across  the country over the weekend as they celebrated their Eid with feasts, hugs and selfies.
The Defense Ministry said that about half of the Taliban members who have entered the cities have not gone back.
“We have received reports that half of them [the Taliban members] have stayed, they said they are tired of war and want to join peace process,” said Mohammad Radmanish, Deputy Spokesman of the Defense Ministry.
In addition, the Interior Ministry Spokesman Najib Danish said that they were watchful of the activities of armed oppositions in the cities.
Amid ceasefire celebrations, the pictures of the Taliban members were circulating on social media that showed their joint selfies with the Afghan security forces and women in the cities.
Some media reports suggested that the Taliban were set to punish those who have taken selfies with the pro-government forces and women.
However, in a phone call with Ariana News, the Taliban Spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid rejected the reports.
This comes as the Taliban on Sunday evening in a statement said that the group will not extend the ceasefire with the Afghan government and that its fighters have been ordered to resume action cross the country.
However, the government unilaterally extended the ceasefire by 10 days.

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