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PublishDate: Monday, June 18, 201814:31

National Security Council extends ceasefire with Taliban for 10 days

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said the meeting was organized on Sunday evening during which a comprehensive discussion was held regarding the extension of ceasefire with the Taliban group.
The source further added that the meeting concluded with the extension of ceasefire with the Taliban for ten more days.
The participants of the meeting welcomed the presence of the Taliban militants to celebrate the three days of Eid with the security forces and the ordinary civilians.
President Ghani hailed the nation and the international allies of Afghanistan for their support to ceasefire.
He said the three days of ceasefire proved that the Afghan nation wants peace.
In the meantime, the participants of the meeting said necessary security measurements are place in all provinces of the country and the security forces are prepared to respond in the event of an aggression.

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