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PublishDate: Wednesday, June 13, 2018 12:16

Taliban Launch Attack on Parchaman District of Farah

Farah Police commander, Fazel Ahmad Sherzad declared that the Taliban’s attack was thwarted by the support of uprising forces and at least 50 insurgents were killed and many others were wounded.
Sherzad noted that at least one police officer was killed and two others were injured during the clashes with the Taliban militants.
In the meantime, the Taliban group has also stormed the security checkpoints of Soor, Shoorab and Deh Yak in the center of Farah province.
According to Sherzad, at least four Taliban insurgents were killed and seven of them were injured during the clashes.
He added that four Afghan security forces were also wounded in the insurgents attack.
This comes as there was intense fighting between Afghan security forces and Taliban gunmen in the northern provinces of Faryab and Sari Pul, with officials reporting an unspecified number of casualties on both sides.


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