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PublishDate: Wednesday, June 13, 201815:48

IEC Extends Candidate Registration Drive for District Council Election

On Tuesday, the IEC said it has ended the voter registration process for the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections in the provincial cities.
According to IEC, since the beginning of the voter registration drive, more than six million voters have been registered including 4,032,000 male and 2,100,000 female voters.
 “In order to facilitate the registration process for citizens, the commission has decided to shift the centers – which have been remained closed since start 5th Jawza [solar month] due security and lack of [election] materials – to the third phase,” the IEC Chairman Abdul Badi Sayad said.
The candidate registration process began on May 26th and ended on June 12. Within this period, the commission has registered 4455 individuals including 1396 possible candidates for parliamentary election and 3058 more for district council election.
The IEC said that presence of women in the list of candidates for district council has been proved less and that the commission has extended its registration drive up to two days.
This comes as the voter and candidate registration process has not been kicked off in Ghazni province yet. The IEC said that due to political and administrative reasons the process has been launched there yet and that the commission will soon resolve the issues.

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