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PublishDate: Thursday, June 14, 201816:32

Afghan, China Trade Meeting Planned In Bid To Boost Trade

The council said it continues its efforts to boost trade between the two countries along with government’s efforts to strengthen political relations with Beijing.
The council also said delegates attending the meeting will discuss the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
“From a political point of view, Afghanistan is in the first stage to be part of the (BRI) project because Afghanistan can play an important role in this initiative due to its strategic location. China has realized that Afghanistan’s involvement can result in the success of the project,” said Nasim Malikzai, the head of the council.
The Ministry of Commerce and Industries meanwhile said it has solid plans in place to increase trade with China. 
“China is a good market for Afghanistan’s saffron, pine nuts and gemstones. China is one of our important partners in the region,” said Musafir Qoqandi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.
According to figures released by the trade council, Afghanistan imports goods worth more than $1 billion every year while the export volume to China is only around $5 million annually.

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