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PublishDate: Thursday, June 7, 2018 14:16

Afghan army vows relentless fight against foreign terrorists after ceasefire announcement with Taliban

Speaking during a press conference in Kabul, Gen. Yaftali said he expects that Taliban group would also observe the cease.
Gen. Yaftali emphasized that the ceasefire is only with the Taliban group and its associate the Haqqani terrorist network and the fight against the foreign insurgents will continue.
According to Gen. Yaftali, the Afghan forces will continue to target the terrorists belonging to ISIS Khurasan, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, and the Al-Qaeda terrorists.
In the meantime, Gen. Yaftali said the Afghan forces will not carry out offensive operations against the Taliban group, however, he emphasized that the armed forces will remain on alert to respond to any aggression and breach of the ceasefire.
Gen. Yaftali also added that the government will consider to extend the period of the ceasefire if the Taliban group responded positively and observed the ceasefire.
This comes as President Ghani earlier announced that the government is declaring a ceasefire starting from 27th of Ramadan and will continue until the 5th day of Eid.
President Ghani said the ceasefire is being declared in response to the religious scholars Fatwa issued on Monday where the ongoing conflict and violence was prohibited in the light of the principles of Islam.


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