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PublishDate: Wednesday, May 23, 201815:14

12 Year-Old Disabled Girl Gang Raped In Herat Province

According to her mother the incident happened on Friday when her daughter left home and was unable to find her way back. 
The mother said her daughter was kidnapped and gang raped. 
Family members have called for justice.
“This is a Muslim country where a child goes outside, and she is raped, first Allah must punish them and second we ask government to arrest the rapists and prosecute them,” said the child’s mother. 
Doctors at the Herat regional hospital said that the victim was first taken to the Herat Maternity hospital for emergency treatment but is now at a mental health center at the central hospital. 
Doctors said the child has been badly traumatized and is now terrified of men. 
“This incident will be one of the most bitter incidents in her life and she may face further psychiatric disorders, especially depression,” said Wahid Noorzad a doctor.
Herat police have not arrested the culprits. 
“Police have started investigations,” said Abdul Ahad Walizad, Herat’s police spokesman. 
A number of women's rights activists say insecurity and social anomalies are causing people to do such things.
“The law with violence against woman clearly indicates if the perpetrator rapes, the perpetrator of the case will be imprisoned and if the person who has been raped dies, the perpetrator will be sentenced to death,” Marya Bashir a woman’s  rights activist said. 
Statistics show that since the beginning of the solar year, seven rape cases have been reported  at the Herat Provincial Hospital

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