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PublishDate: Saturday, May 12, 2018 18:04

MoI Announces Appointment of 14 New Provincial Police Chiefs

Based on a presidential order, MoI has appointed the  police commanders of provinces through a competitive process, and given them three to five months to take serious steps in fight against corruption.
Addressing a ceremony to introduce the new police chiefs, Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak said: “I urged the new [provincial] police chiefs to work more in fight against corruption.  Millions of dollars have been wasted. There have been ghost [security] checkpoints, this situation should not be repeated.”
Barmak added that the Ministry of Interior has no place for corruption and that corruption is intolerable for the president and leadership of the ministry.
Corruption and existence of ghost soldiers in some provinces have been marked as major challenges for the Interior Ministry.
“16,000 soldiers have received no education as police  and there are some police commanders that are not exist,” said Aminullah Karim, deputy minister of interior for  administration.
At the same event, senior deputy minister of interior General Murad Ali Murad said that he is confident that the appointment will open a new chapter in lives of many police soldiers fighting in the battlegrounds and  in logistic and administrative affairs of the military units.  
 “I urge the new provincial police chiefs to use their past experiences and military skills to address people’s problems and prevent militant attacks,” Murad said.
The shared list of the newly-appointed officials as follows:
  •  Major Gen. Khalilullah as commander of Police 303 Zone 
     Brigadier Gen. Raz Mohammad as Commander of Police 808 Zone
     Major Gen. Abdul Baqi Nurstani, as Kunduz Police Chief
     Major Gen. Aminullah Amarkhail as Herat Police Chief
     Brigadier Gen Akhtar Mohammad Nawrozi as Khost Police Chief 
     Major Gen. Abdul Rahman Aqtash as Takhar Police Chief
     Major Gen. Nabi Jan Mullakhail as Faryab Police Chief
     Major Gen. Abdul Qayum Baqizoi as Sar-e-Pul Police Chief
     Colonel Mohammada Abdali as Logar Police Chief
     Colonel Abdul Rauf Uruzgani as Laghman Police chief 
     Colonel Farid Mashal as Ghazni Police Chief
     Colonel Sayed Abbas Sadat as Nuristan Police Chief 
     Brigadier Gen. Mohammad Saber as Badakhshan Police Chief 
     Major Gen. Ghulam Sakhi Ghafoori as Daikundi Police Chief
     Ahmad Fahim Qayem as Badghis Police Chief
     Major Gen. Haqnawaz as Kunar Police Chief


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