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PublishDate: Saturday, May 5, 2018 18:20

MPs Divided Over Electronic ID Cards Roll Out

AVA- A number of MPs said they back Ghani’s move over the distribution of e-NIC while others strongly rejected the process and called it “illegitimate”. 
The arguments between the MPs continued with a number of them in heated disagreement. 
Based on the president's legislative decree, the ethnicity information will be included in the electronic identity cards, but a number of residents of the country do not accept this. They say ethnicity information should not be written on the ID cards. 
A number of MPs said e-NIC roll out based on the president decree is incorrect, adding it will create a new crisis in the country. 
They said e-NIC roll out, without reaching a national consensus, shows the president’s “tyranny and autocracy”. 
The MPs said they will not take e-NIC based on Ghani’s decree. 
“A small and specific circle in the presidential palace today has taken Afghanistan people as hostage and is putting the country into a crisis,” MP Jafar Mahdavi said. 
“Electronic identity cards distributed in the presidential palace, should remain there. They should not be issued out of the palace, otherwise people will react negatively," MP Zahir Saadat said. 
“As long as the process is not legitimate, electronic identity cards being issued is illegal and will deepen the crisis,” MP Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi said. 
Some other MPs however welcomed electronic IDs’ distribution process saying that opposing e-NIC roll out is against the national interests. 
“We as Afghans who live in Afghanistan should stay united as brothers and work together,” MP Munawar Shah Baduri said. 
“Anyone who lives in Afghanistan is Afghan,” MP Abdul Qadir Zazai Watandost said. 
Last Thursday President Ashraf Ghani officially launched electronic IDs roll out where parliament speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi also was standing by the side of the president. A number of MPs also criticized Ibrahimi’s presence on the roll-out day. 
Ibrahimi, however, said taking his electronic identity card was his right and now one has the right to question him about this. 
“You do not have the right to ask me why you appeared there and why not. This was my right and I went and got my electronic identity card,” Ibrahimi said. 
Arguments on electronic ID cards worsened as some MPs were set to fight one another. Parliament administrative board however ended the arguments to prevent physical confrontations.


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