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PublishDate: Monday, April 30, 2018 15:36

Afghan Media Condemns Attack On Its Journalists

This terrorist attack is a war crime and an organized attack on the Afghan media,” the statement read.
“Despite today's attack and other threats against journalists, the Afghan media is committed to providing information.
“The attack in the heart of Kabul and in the Green Zone indicates a serious lack of security by the government.
“In a joint letter, the Afghan media has called on the International Court of Justice and the UN Security Council to investigate the incident.
“The media, which has lost colleagues and has colleagues that are wounded, is committed to supporting the families of those killed and wounded in the incident. We ask government to help the families of the victims.
April 30 will be remembered as the deadliest day in Afghan media history and the industry will mark the day in future in honor of its fallen colleagues, read the statement.
Nine journalists and cameramen, including TOLOnews cameraman Yar Mohammad Tokhi, were killed and wounded in Monday’s bombing, which happened after first responders and journalists arrived at the scene of an earlier explosion.  
Journalists killed in the explosion are as follows:
1.    Mahram Durani – Azadi Radio
2.    Ebadullah Hananzai – Azadi Radio
3.    Yar Mohammad Tokhi – TOLOnews Cameraman
4.    Ghazi Rasooli – 1TV Journalist
5.    Nowroz Ali Rajabi– 1TV Cameraman
6.    Shah Marai – AFP Photographer
7.    Saleem Talash – Mashal TV
8.    Ali Saleemi – Mashal TV
9.    Sabawoon Kakar – Azadi Radio


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