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PublishDate: Saturday, April 21, 201812:12

Afghan elections fund should not go into private pockets: SIGAR

AVA- John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, delivered the remarks during the fourth annual EU anti-corruption conference in Kabul.
He said that corruption would destroy peace and strengthen terrorist groups.
According to Sopko, the Afghan people should be assured that the upcoming elections would be held in transparent and inclusive manner and that their votes would be counted.
Two days after a suicide bomber targeted a voter registration centre, Sopko said that some are seeking to damage the election process by illegal means and violence.
The conference was addressed also by President Ashraf Ghani who called corruption as cancer and vowed to overcome the problem.
The president said that a free, fair, inclusive and democratic election requires a proper analytic framework to deal with all dimensions.
EU Ambassador to Afghanistan Pierre Mayaudon said that corruption has negative impact on the country’s economy and hurts people the most.

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