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PublishDate: Monday, April 23, 2018 11:21

10 Afghan Forces Killed in Taliban Attacks in Badghis Province

AVA- Seven Afghan National Army soldiers were killed after they were attacked by the Taliban in a voters’ registration center in Badghis province, according to Abdul Aziz Big, the Provincial Council chief.
He added that the soldiers had been newly deployed to the center for ensuring its security.
The local official further stated that three Afghan police forces were also killed and their outpost fell to the Taliban after they came under the militants attack in Qadis district of the province.
Meanwhile, local security officials rejected the details provided by the Provincial Council chief regarding casualties of Afghan forces.
According to Faiz Mohammad Mirzazadah, Badghis acting governor, the Taliban suffered heavy casualties in these incidents while four Afghan forces lost their lives in the battle with the militants.


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