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PublishDate: Monday, April 23, 201812:23

ISIS tunnels, hideouts came under heavy bombardment in Nangarhar

AVA- The provincial police commandment in a statement said the ISIS hideouts, tunnels, and other key compounds came under heavy bombardment of air and artillery strikes in Nangarhar province on Sunday night.

The source further added that the strikes were carried out in the vicinity of Gorgori area in the restive Haska Mina district.

According to the police commandment, the artillery strikes were carried out from the Nangarhar airfield and as a result at least 17 ISIS militants were killed.

The police commandment was citing the preliminary intelligence report received from the area regarding the casualties of the ISIS militants.

It also added that nine tunnels, six hideouts, and some light and heavy weapons, along with some ammunition were also destroyed during the airstrike.

According to the police commandment, the security forces and ordinary civilians did not suffer any casualty during the operation.

Nangahrar is among the relatively calm provinces in the East but the anti-government armed militant and terrorist groups including Taliban and ISIS insurgents are attempting to expand foothold in this province during the recent years.


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