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PublishDate: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 16:03

Civilian casualties alleged in Nangarhar operation

Attaullah Khogyani, the governor’s spokesman, told Pajhwok Afghan News the Afghan Special Forces’ Unit “02” conducted the offensive in the Toto area of the district.
He said the operation was launched on Monday night and ended last night. The spokesman, however, did not have exact causality figure.
An investigation was underway into the collateral damage, said Khogyani, who promised details would be shared with the media later on.
Ajmal Omar, a public representative and tribal elder from Sherzad, complained the security personnel had besieged the area for 24 hours and inflicted financial losses and casualties on civilians.
Omar claimed receiving information regarding injuries to a women and a child. However, the public representative believed the casualties could be higher.
A number of militants were also killed in the offensive, he said, adding telecom services have been suspended by the security forces, causing residents severe problems.
Ahmadullah, a resident of the locality, received reports that three civilians were killed and several others wounded. But the casualty figures could be higher.
Another resident, named Attal who lost a relative in the operation, told Pajhwok that around 15 civilians had been killed and the highway blocked by security forces.
Dr. Mohammad Amin Sherzad, a tribal elder, said five people were killed and two children wounded. About 15 houses were badly damaged during the operation.
He also informed three insurgents were killed, including a group leader. There has so far no word from the Taliban in this regard.


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