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PublishDate: Saturday, March 10, 201818:13

Security Forces Suffer Heavy Losses In Taliban Ambush

AVA- Head of Farah provincial council Farid Bakhtawar said the forces had gone to Fararod area in Bala Blok district on Friday night to launch an operation, but were ambushed by Taliban while on their way. Fifteen of them were killed and a number of them have been captured by Taliban fighters. 
According to the provincial council members, eight of the soldiers killed were Special Forces members. 
“In total there are 18 persons of whom three have been captured and the rest including eight Special Forces have been killed,” said Bakhtawar.
“The Special Forces had launched a clearing operation, but they suffered losses in this operation,” said Dadullah Qane, a member of the provincial council. 
Afghan defense ministry officials refused to comment on the incident on camera but they did confirm the death of four Special Forces members in the ambush. 
Insecurity has increased in Farah province in recent months. Last month, more than 10 national army personnel were killed in a Taliban attack on a military base. 
“They (insurgents) are trying to erode government and make government forces reluctant (to fight insurgents) who are fighting on battlefields,” former military officer Atiqullah Amarkhel said. 
Farah provincial council chairman said in this incident Taliban also suffered heavy casualties. The group, however, said in a statement that they had killed dozens of security force members. 

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