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PublishDate: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 19:03

Gov’t Will Propose a Clear Peace Plan to Taliban Tomorrow: ARG

AVA- Representatives of 25 countries and three international organizations at senior levels are expected to take part in this summit tomorrow in the capital of Afghanistan.
Haroon Chakhansuri, President Ashraf Ghani’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Communications and Media, told a press conference on Tuesday that government will propose a clear peace plan to the Taliban insurgent group at the end of this meeting.
“Different groups of the Taliban are willing to participate in peace negotiations, the peace doors are open for them,” Chakhansuri said. “This time, the government of Afghanistan will propose a peace plan to [the Taliban] with full clarity.
He added that government was ready to negotiate with the Taliban anywhere that the group wants.
At the same time, a senior member of the Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (AHPC) complains the government for not consulting with women about peace talks.
“We are a group of 12 women, but no one has taken our idea regarding the Kabul Process and I want to confess that I’m sure no one has asked the men as well,” the Deputy Chair of the High Peace Council, Habiba Surabi said.
Meanwhile, a number of experts doubt about the satisfactory outcome of the conference.
“I don’t believe to the outcome of this process, because the National Unity Government of Afghanistan has failed to create a regional consensus about the war and peace in Afghanistan,” Daoud Naji, a political activist said.
This comes after on Monday the Taliban in a statement called on the United States to talk directly with their political office in Qatar regarding a “peaceful solution” to the Afghan conflict. The insurgent group stressed that the ongoing war in the country is “not in the interest of anyone”.


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