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PublishDate: Monday, February 19, 2018 11:30

Bodies Of 12 Hostages Found In Nangarhar

AVA- Tribal elders in Nangarhar province said on Monday the bodies of at least 12 local residents were found in Kot district on Sunday – all of whom are believed to have been killed by Daesh. 
According to the tribal elders the victims had been abducted by Daesh militants more than a year ago from Kot district in Nangarhar province. 
The tribal elders said the funeral ceremonies for the deceased will be held on Monday.  
However, local officials have not commented.  
This is not the first time Daesh militants have abducted residents. Last year, in two separate incidents, Daesh abducted 14 teachers and ministry of education staff from the same district. 
In a separate incident a number of residents in Nangarhar said dozens of residents from Achin and Pachiragam districts are being held in Daesh custody and that little effort is being made by government to secure their release.
They said Daesh has taken dozens of residents hostage over the past year.
Some tribal elders in Nangarhar have also accused government of neglecting to do anything about rescuing these hostages.
But local officials rejected the claims and said security forces have tried to free these hostages from Daesh on a number of occasions.


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