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PublishDate: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 19:52

Khar believes US is in Afghanistan to create regional chaos

AVA- In an interview with the CNN, Khar said “Not a conspiracy theorist, but the more I see how the war in Afghanistan is being fought, the more I believe it.”

She was pointing towards the George Friedman book The Next 100 Years, where he has reportedly stated that the US is present there “to create chaos in the region, so that Russia, China and other Central Asian countries can be contained.”

In other parts of the interview Khar said “We can’t afford to be flippant about the realities on the ground in Afghanistan. Warlord-ism all over the place in Afghanistan, where Taliban have taken over.”

This comes as pressures are on the rise by Washington on Islamabad to act against the terror which are still having safe havens inside the Pakistani territory.

The Afghan officials often blame the Haqqani terrorist network for the large scale attacks in Kabul and other parts of the Afghanistan, claiming that the network uses its safe havens in Pakistan for orchestrating such attacks.

The Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Mike Pompeo had earlier said Pakistan continue to harbor terrorists who are posing threats to the United States.

In an interview with the CBS, Pompeo said “We see the Pakistanis continuing to provide safe harbor, havens inside of Pakistan for terrorists who present risks to the United States of America.”

Pompeo further added “We are doing our best to inform the Pakistanis that this is no longer going to be acceptable. So this conditioned aid, we have given them a chance. If they fix this problem, we are happy to continue to engage with them and be their partner. But if they don’t, we’re going to protect America.”


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