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PublishDate: Saturday, December 9, 2017 20:08

Corruption massively rife in DABS, report finds

AVA- Ajmal Shaker, evaluation in-charge at MEC, told reporters they had newly conducted a research about corruption at the power utility.
He added: “This research was conducted in Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Bamyan, Parwan and Balkh provinces.”
The MEC, comprised of six senior Afghan and foreign experts, came into being back in 2011 in compliance with the orders of the then president and consensus of international community.
Shaker said the MEC research was completed in six month from March to August, during which 380 consumers and 138 employees of DABS were interviewed.
“The result of these interviews show massive corruption happen in distribution of electricity, distribution of meters, power consumption, and revenue of the DABS,” he said.
Shaker said selling hydro-power at the price of thermal electricity, installing more than one metre for one family, electricity consumption without meters, the consumption of industrial electricity and the rate of local electricity, existence of low quality electric meters and non-availability of quality laboratories to check the quality of meters were some of the factors that paved the way for massive corruption in the power utility.
He presented examples by saying: “If an individual wants to install an electric meter at his home, he cannot do until he give bribe.”
“With bribe one can get a meter at local rate for industry. In addition, there are people who consume electricity without electric meter from the main cable and the number of these people is in thousands.”
Shaker said electricity wastage in the country was 37 percent while in Pakistan it was 17 and in Iran 14 percent.
He said average demand of electricity from DABS accounted for 7.7 billion afghanis, in which 40 percent electricity was supplied to residences, 29 percent to government institutions, 26 percent to the industry, 4,5 percent to mosques and religious institutions and nearly 40 percent was consumed by powerful and government leaders.
He added since 2002 up to date 220 billion afghanis had been provided to the electricity sector of the country, of which 12.5 billion afghanis had been acknowledged by DABS.
However billion of afghanis had been missing and the company was unaware about it, he said.
Wahid Tawheedi, DABS spokesman, said every allegation leveled against the power utility should be supported by documents.


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