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PublishDate: Sunday, November 12, 201711:05

MPs Strongly React to Hekmatyar’s ‘Ethnic War’ Comments

AVA- Addressing Saturday’s session, the Speaker of  parliament, Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi said that the ongoing war is an “imposed war” which is being led by at least 20 terror groups.. He said Afghan security forces are protecting and the people and sovereignty of the country and there should not be “baseless” comments in regard.

“The war in Afghanistan has been imposed from outside and it is not an ethnic war,” he said, referring to Hekmatyar’s remarks. “The insurgent groups are killing the Afghan people and security forces are fighting against these groups,” he added.

Hemkatyar’s “ethnic war” comments concern the international community and favoring Pakistan’s position against Afghanistan, said Abdulwali Niazi, an MP.

“The war in Afghanistan is not an ethnic war and these warlords who seek their interest in war, once again want to commit bloodshed,” said MP Nazifa Zaki.

The MPs, meanwhile, stressed most of the conspiracies including ethnic issues being provoked by the agents of regional intelligence in Afghanistan, warned that the situation will get deteriorated if the government does not take actions in regard.  

 It comes as Hekmatyar has rejected the reports which quoted him as saying that the war in Afghanistan is a war between two ethnic groups. Moreover, he blamed a number of media outlets for provoking ethnic divisions in the country.

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