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PublishDate: Monday, October 30, 201709:50

Largest Industrial Park In Kabul Soon To Be Inaugurated

AVA- The biggest industrial park, Green Industries, that has been established by an Afghan trader in Kabul’s Deh Sabz district, will be inaugurated within a month.

Officials from the industrial park said they will distribute land to investors who set up businesses in the park. They also said about $3 billion USD will be invested in the park in the next 10 years and that job opportunities will be provided for 50,000 people.

The park encompasses over seven million square meters of land and already dozens of investors have been handed land.

The park boasts green zones, canalization and roads and according to officials 120-megawatts of electricity willalso be supplied to the park.

According to the founder of the industrial park, Mohsin Amiri, they have also considered establishing vegetable farms and vegetable packaging factories in the park.

“First we distribute land to those who have established factories in residential areas and then we will distribute to those who want to transfer their factories from Iran and Pakistan to Afghanistan,” said Amiri.

One official, Rohullah, who is responsible for distributing the land, said up to 30 investors enquire daily about purchasing land for their factories.

“Daily a big number of investors come here. We give them forms and show them the land,” said Rohullah.

A number of factory owners and investors meanwhile said they are interested in the park.

Najibullah Shinwari has a pharmaceutical factory in Pakistan and has been producing and exporting medicine to Afghanistan for 10 years. He said if he can get land and build a factory in the park he will gladly move his business from Pakistan. 

“I have been involved in medicine production for 10 years in Pakistan. Now I want to bring my factory to Afghanistan and produce medicine,” said Shinwari.

The lack of land has always been a challenge for investors and has resulted in factories setting up businesses in residential areas.

Investors however urged government to distribute land to help promote local industries.

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