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PublishDate: Sunday, October 8, 2017 14:18

Gen. Raziq confirms Taliban chief’s visit to Helmand

AVA- Gen. Raziq said a number of the members of the Quetta Council of the Taliban as well as some operatives of the Pakistani intelligence were also accompanying Mullah Hebatullah during his visit.

He said the Taliban chief arrived to Musa Qala district where he summoned a meeting of his local commanders and leaders to discuss the ongoing situation.

According to Gen. Raziq, the Taliban commanders and leaders were summoned from the southern and western provinces of the country for the talks.

The Kandahar police chief believes the main topic discussed during the meeting included the growing pressure, including increased airstrikes that have badly interrupted the operations of the group.

This comes as a source in South of Afghanistan privy of the development has said the leader of the Taliban group has instructed his fighters to end the war with the terror group.

The source further added that the leader of the group has instructed his fighters not to attack the militants of the terror group in a meeting with his commanders during the recent days.

Akhundzada has also told his fighters and commanders that the cause of the Taliban and ISIS-led insurgency are similar and therefore the conflict between the groups should end.


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