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PublishDate: Sunday, October 8, 2017 13:30

NATO commander says Taliban and their supporters will never win

AVA- Speaking during a ceremony for the transfer of the UH-۶۰ Black Hawk helicopters to the Afghan forces, Gen. Nicholson said the war against terrorism is not only the war in Afghanistan and Central Asia and also not against Taliban, Haqqani network, or Al-Qaeda but this is a war against the enemies of the humanity.

He said to the message of the coalition and the security forces to the enemies and their supporters is clear that they will not win.

Gen. Nicholson further added that the size of the Afghan Special Forces has increased to double while the Afghan Air Power has increased three times which shows that the enemies will lose.

The NATO commander also added that it is still not too late for the enemies to refrain from supporting the terrorists and the smugglers of the illicit drugs.

He also added that the Taliban group will not win as the international community, the United States, and NATO have renewed their commitments to support Afghanistan and the Taliban have also failed to turn their dreams into a reality of capturing the provincial capital of the provinces.


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