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PublishDate: Thursday, September 28, 2017 10:11

Mining contracts signed in past 15 years need review: Minister

AVA- Nehan said this while addressing a meeting here with government officials, members of parliament, European Union envoy and members of corruption watch-dogs.

“No work for capacity building has taken place at the mines ministry during the past 16 years and most of the contracts signed during this period that have problems need to be reviewed,” she noted.

She added overhauling of the ministry was underway by introducing reforms in procurement, mapping, human resources and contracts.

Abdul Qader Mustafa, spokesman of the mines ministry, said 800 to 900 contracts had been inked during the past one and a half decade and 500 of them had been published. He added all the contracts would be reviewed from legal and economic prospective.

Ramazan Jummazada, head of the Wolesi Jirga commission on natural resources, said mining was the most profitable resource for militants after narcotics.

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