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PublishDate: Monday, August 21, 2017 14:08

Federal System Impossible in Current Situation, says Afghan Vice President

AVA- Danish made the remarks during a gathering organized in Kabul to launch a debate and research regarding issues persisting in the judiciary system and executive organ of the government.

The Second Vice President further added that current situation prevailing in Afghanistan will not allow the implementation and replacement of the current system to a Federal system.

Danish further added that the change of the current political system also not be in the favor and interests of the country.

Pointing towards the Federal systems in place in some of the countries, Danish said major issues and differences still persist among the President and Prime Minister of the countries.

He said the government should instead focus on increasing the authorities of the provincial and district governments.

He also added that the current political system in Afghanistan a semi-presidential system as it has components of both the presidential and parliamentary system.

According to Danish, the implementation of a parliamentary system would also not work in the country since there are no prominent and strong political parties in the country.

This comes as certain political movements and leaders have long been insisting on replacement of the current system with the Federal system, emphasizing that a Federal system could respond to the major issues of the country.


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