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PublishDate: Tuesday, August 8, 201709:51

Afghan counter-narcotics units seize $19-million cache in Helmand

AVA- The raid was part of an ongoing interagency, intergovernmental effort to deny Taliban traffickers and terrorists critical funding for high-profile attacks. The Taliban continues to launch deadly attacks on police and civilians, and cash from narcotics trafficking helps fund their insurgency.

“This seizure and others like it degrade the extremist organization’s funding to commit high-profile attacks on the innocent civilians of Afghanistan,” said U.S. Navy Captain William K. Salvin, Resolute Support spokesperson. “It also highlights the hypocrisy of the Taliban as dealing in these deadly drugs goes against the teachings of Islam.”

The operation yielded 220 kilograms of heroin, 7,000 kilograms of morphine base, 180 liters of Acetic Anhydride, 8

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