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PublishDate: Sunday, August 6, 2017 15:47

Extra Troops Needed to Save Janekhail From Taliban: Officials

AVA-Security officials in Paktia have said that the lack of sufficient forces last week led to the collapse of strategic Janekhail district in the province and have called on the central government, particularly the Ministry of Interior (MoI), to address the shortcomings of police in the volatile region.

Police officials in Paktia have warned that if more forces were not dispatched to the area, there is possibility that the Janekhail would once again fall to the Taliban insurgents.

“Last year Janekhail district collapsed during the same month and we recaptured the district after paying heavy price for it, we need to expand our deployment and build more strong bases and trenches.” Said Assadullah Sherzad, the commander of ۳۰۳ Spinzer police unit.

Security personnel battling the Taliban in the area have said that there is a need for more military equipment and ammunition to be provided to the security forces in Janekhail to fight the militants effectively.

“The security structure of Janekhail does not meet the needs. It is difficult to save the district with the current structure. I expect high level officials to ensure that the security structure for Janekhail is expanded. There is a need for the presence of army and border police in the province to help the police forces in their job.” Said Paktia police chief Toryalai Abdiyani.

“The Taliban flag is visible ۱۵۰ away from this area, all those areas are under Taliban control.” Said Khial Mohammad, a member of Afghan border police.

Janekhail district fell to the Taliban twice within a year.

The Afghan security forces recaptured the strategic town from the Taliban militants following a massive military operation.


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