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PublishDate: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 10:41

Up to 20 years jail term for Afghan army generals and officers over embezzlement

At least eight officials of the Afghan national army have been jailed for embezzlement, corruption, and misuse of authority by a special tribunal.

AVA- The convicts included three generals, four officers and an ordinary employee of the Afghan army who were tried by the Anti-Corruption Justice Center during an open court hearing on Tuesday.

The army generals, officers, and employee were mainly tried for the embezzlement of 184,594 liters of fuel.

According to the court verdict, Mahmood son of Abdul Zahir was jailed for 20 years, Abdul Azim 18 years and five months jail term, Abdul Qadir, Mohammad Maruf, and Mohammad Haroon were jailed for two years and two months each, while Mohammad Asghar and Ahmad Jan were jailed for one year and one month each.

The verdict was issued by the primary court of the special tribunal of the Anti-Corruption Justice Center which also ordered the convicts to return the embezzled amount of one million two hundred thousand and seven hundred 45 US dollars.

The army generals, officers, and the employee were arrested by the security forces during an operation nearly two months ago.

The trial of the army officials was organized amid ongoing efforts by the government of Afghanistan to root out corruption and embezzlement from the key government institutions as part of its commitment to the international community.


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