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PublishDate: Monday, July 24, 2017 12:29

Forces Under Siege By Taliban in Faryab’s Kohistan District

AVA- Security forces are reportedly surrounded by insurgents as they battle to hold off the Taliban in Khair Abad village in Kohistan district in Faryab.

Local officials in northern Faryab province said on Monday that at least 60 security force members are under siege by the Taliban following the fall of Kohistan district to the insurgents on Sunday.

Kohistan district fell to the Taliban early Sunday after heavy clashes between security forces and the insurgents.

“Thirty army special forces, 20 soldiers and 10 national policemen have been surrounded by the insurgents in Khair Abad village which is 1.5 kilometers far from center of the district since yesterday,” a spokesman for the provincial governor, Abdul Karim Youresh said.

“The clashes still continue in the area and the Taliban have told the tribal elders that if the security forces do not surrender to them, they will kill them all,” Youresh said.

He said that 130 residents who were helping security forces in their battle to hold off the Taliban have surrendered to the insurgents. However, their commander managed to escape and fled to Ghor after the district’s collapse.

Officials on Sunday appealed for reinforcements but according to them, additional troops have not yet been deployed.


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