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PublishDate: Monday, July 3, 2017 10:15

Afghan intelligence chief vows support to prevent interventions in elections

AVA- He said the Afghan security institutions will ensure that the security personnel, officers, and officials do not misuse their authorities and the available resources and facilities to intervene in the elections.

The Afghanistan Independent Elections Commission (IEC) announced the date for the long waited parliamentary elections last month.

IEC chief Najibullah Ahmadzai told reporters on 22nd of June that the parliamentary elections date has been set for the July 7th of 2018.

The government has stepped up efforts to organize the long-delayed parliamentary and district councils elections.

In a major move to pave the way for a fair and transparent election, the Afghan government modified the census law in a bid to help distribution of the electronic ID cards to ensure a transparent election.

The Afghan government also appointed Secretary General for the Independent Election Commission in the month of March this year in order to help expedite the process of the electoral bodies for organizing the elections.

Source:Khama Press


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