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PublishDate: Saturday, July 1, 201715:08

200 New Health Care Centers to be Established in 18 Provinces: Minister

AVA- Afghanistan faces several challenges to developing a strong, sustainable health care sector. The Afghan government lacks funds to operate and sustain its health care facilities; hospitals are unable to provide adequate care; health care facilities lack qualified staff, medicines and advanced therapeutic equipment, according to observers.

However, in order to facilitate and improve public healthcare services, the Health Ministry says it will establish more treatment centers in 18 provinces.

“We will make changes and improve healthcare services in current centers of these provinces. We will establish 200 new health centers and develop the healthcare services of 170 other centers,” said Public Health Minister, Feruzuddin Feruz.

Minister Feruz did not specify the provinces but stated that the centers will provide healthcare services to the residents of remote areas.

It comes as many Afghans seek health care services abroad, some have limited faith in the quality of their health care system.

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