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PublishDate: Saturday, September 7, 201902:03

Afghanistan Ships First Fruit Cargo To India Via Chabahar

According to the Afghan ministry, the country’s exports through the Iranian port is expected to increase, IRNA reported.
The ministry added after passing through a number of Afghan provinces, the consignment was transferred to Chabahar port through Nimruz Province, southwestern Afghanistan, and then, it was sent to Mumbai.
The spokesperson for the Afghan Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Samir Rasa, described using the route as a good experience, adding Afghanistan will make greater use of the Iranian port for exporting its products.
Commenting on the same issue, Afghan Minister of Industry and Commerce Ajmal Ahmady wrote in a Twitter post on Tuesday that his country has, so far, exported 700 tons of products through Chabahar port.
He added the country will soon begin exporting pomegranate and apple to India via the Iranian port.
His post read: “For the first time, #AFG exported fruits via #Chabahar (20MT grapes). Exports will increase, with 100MT of domestic products sent during past 3 weeks & a total of 700MT since establishment of Chahbahr. We will soon begin exports of pomegranate & apple via Chabahar to India.”
For the first time, 23 trucks carrying Afghan products were sent from Nimruz Province to Chabahar port in March 2019.
The trucks began their journey in a ceremony attended by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. They carried 570 tons of goods comprising 200 tons of mung bean and 370 tons of talc stone.
Prior to this, Afghanistan’s products were sent to India either through Pakistan or air routes.

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