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PublishDate: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 11:01

5 ISIS militants killed, 6 wounded in Afghan forces operations in Nangarhar

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA), According to local government officials, the operations were conducted in Chaparhar district as part of the clearance operations being conducted in this province to eliminate the fighters of the terrorist group.

The officials further added that several areas in Nangarhar province have been cleared of ISIS presence since the operations were launched several days ago.

Nangarhar is among the relatively calm provinces in eastern Afghanistan but the anti-government armed militant groups have recently increased their insurgency activities in some parts of the province during the recent years.

Both the Afghan and US forces conducted regular strikes against the loyalists of the terror group in this province.

The US forces in Afghanistan dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb on ISIS hideouts in Achin district last month that resulted into the elimination of the largest tunnels network of the terror group besides leaving nearly 100 ISIS militants dead, including some of their senior leaders.


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