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PublishDate: Friday, April 21, 2017 12:12

135 killed, 64 wounded in Afghan army base attack, MoD findings reveal

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA), According to the findings of the Ministry of Defense released on Wednesday, 10 officers, 26 sergeants, 94 soldiers, and 5 civilians were among those killed.

MoD spokesman Gen. Dawlat Waziri said 2 officers, 15 sergeants, and 47 soldiers were among those wounded.

He said the ministry had initially put the number to 100 as the majority of the victims were civilian clothes and most of them were unrecognizable.

However, he said the fact finding team did a thorough investigation to ascertain the number of those killed or wounded.

The Taliban militants group claimed responsibility behind the attack which was carried out by a group of at least ten insurgents who had disguised in army uniforms and used army vehicles to penetrate inside the base.

This comes as earlier estimates showed over 150 people were killed in the attack and dozens more were wounded.

The attack is considered as the single deadly attack carried out by the Taliban insurgents since they were toppled in US-led invasion in 2001.


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