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E-ID card linked law facing legal problems in parliament: CE's spokesman
Date : Tuesday 2 January 2018 18:22
The Population Registration Act is facing legal problems in parliament, Chief Executive's spokesman said Tuesday.

AVA- The e-ID program, expected to prevent voter fraud, was planned years ago, but its rollout has been delayed due to disagreement on its content.

Vice President Sarwar Danish had promised its distribution this week, but it has been postponed again.

“There are different views regarding ID cards and the issue of identity in Afghanistan. Afghan citizens have legitimate right to speak over the issue and express their concerns,” Mujib-ur-Rahman Rahimi, a spokesman for Chief Executive said.

“The finalization Population Registration Act is facing legal problems in parliament and the debate is ongoing in this regard,” he added.

The disagreement over e-ID card is whether to put ethnic information and nationality on it or not.

Years ago, Afghan parliament passed Population Registration Act, which would call for exclusion of both ethnicity and nationality on the cards. The law was approved by the president, but he later issued a decree calling for inclusion of both nationality and ethnicity on the card.

The revised version of the law was approved by the Senate, but the Lowe House rejected it.

A joint parliamentary committee also approved the revised version of the law, but more than 50 lawmakers have collected signatures calling for emergency debate over the issue.

“We should allow expression of different views. The final decision should be taken after end of legal procedures,” Rahimi said.

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Source : Afghan Voice agency(AVA)